1:87 Printed Paper Model Kit: City Town with 4 Buildings

Price: U$ 16.90 | Free Economic International Shipping* | Location: Brazil

* Economic International Shipping can take up to 30 days.


1. Street_4_Buildings ho


Buying this paper model kit, you will receive by international economic post, an inkjet printed paper model kit with:

02 houses, 01 gas station and 01 Shop Store.

 2. Street_4_Buildings HO dim  3. Street_4_Buldings_HO content


13 sheets with instructions, A4 size, 75g/m², ;

18 sheets with paper models parts, A4 size, 180g/m² (cardboard)

Attention please!

* Cars are not in this paper model kit.

* Consider that you will need to cut, fold and glue paper model parts.

* International shipping may take up to 30 days depending the country.

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